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Top 5 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Australia

There is more to Australia than the Kangaroos, opera house and crocodile Dundee. Australia is a land of stunning beauty. Ranging from amazing landscapes, natural marvels and breathtaking sites, Australia's beauty will blow away any visitor. There is something for everyone one in this great country. Following are top 6 most beautiful places to visit in Australia;
The Blue Mountains
Considered as one of the most scenic places on earth, the Blue Mountains get their name from the bluish haze which covers the area naturally. It is not as high as other mountains in the country though their conquest took some time due to inaccessibility. Before the conquest the people thought they were mountain planes not the sandstone hills they are the favorite place here is the unique peak commonly known as the three sisters which is a top spot for rock climbers.
The Kangaroo Island
This beautiful island is covered with amazing beaches and lovely coves. The island has diverse nature with the unmistakable population of Kangaroos which is synonymous with Australia. There is a wide variety of charming bird species too. Attractive rocks line the island; they get their shapes from years of sculpting by crashing waves. The beautiful rocks take different colors as the day progresses. Apart from the Kangaroos and the beautiful rocks, you will get an opportunity to swim with dolphins, dive in the shipwrecks or sand surf in the Little Sahara's giant dunes.
The Twelve Apostles
Touted as one of the most beautiful natural landmarks in the country, the "twelve apostles" feature rocks that upsurge from sea waves like sentinels on watch. Your journey to this place will take you through the great ocean road to the gulf of Apollo where your tour of the apostles will begin. The name has its origin from the 12 stones that used to don the coastline but due to erosion and contact with sea water only 8 remain. Flinders Ranges National Park A favorite destination for adventures, this park is full of natural, cultural and geological features. Attractions here include rugged mountain ranges and sheltered creeks lined with river red gums. Its gorges are outstanding not to forget its rich wildlife. A tour here is never complete until a visit to the splendid Wilpena Pound which is termed as a natural amphitheater due to its amazing tear-shaped appearance.
Whitsunday Islands
This tiny island is separated from the rest of the continent. The island is very scenic boasting of exotic tropical vegetation and species only common in the island. Its beaches are beautiful, the sea water breathtaking and the coral reefs magnificent. The island is home to many species of fish as well.
Daintree forest
Located in northern Queensland, this forest is a natural wonderland and Australia's largest. It boasts over half of the country's native bird species. The management offers crocodile tours; visits to animal sanctuaries, mangrove tours and hikes. This is a top destination for tourists and nature lovers as well.
Get your Australia ETA visa ready and book the next flight to the down under as Australia is commonly known for a tour of your life.

Experience Exquisite Mysore Holidays with Amazing Tourist Attractions

Mysore is home to beautiful architectural splendour, religious monuments and where nature is served to mankind at its best.If you mention Mysore, one place that rings synonymous to it at all times is the famous Mysore palace which has a rich historical and cultural backdrop. This palace was a living haven for the dynasty and the royal blood of ‘Wodeyar’ that reigned over the city from the 14th century to 1947. The architecture is at its best here having ten temples dedicated to Hindu deities of Shiva and Vishnu. If you believe me then it is officially the second most visited palace and monument in India only after Taj Mahal and is rightfully referred to as one of the seven wonder of the incredible India.
Tourist places near Mysore palace:
If you wander about a little from the Mysore palace you will discern that there are many tourist places near Mysore palace, all at a convenient distance from it, the Mysore zoo is the nearest to the palace and it is the earliest zoo made in India. Apart from that you may enjoy a quiet time at the Karanji Lake, where you could enjoy a boat ride at a mere twenty five rupees. Religious cum architectural splendour could be experienced at the Philomena church which is a European style church made in the colonial era, this church reeks of old world charm then you may also trek to Chamundeswari temple at the Chamundi hill which is dedicated to Goddess Kali, these religious cum spiritual temples and church are beautiful calm and serene tourist places near Mysore palace.
One very convenient way of sight-seeing is to book a one day bus tour of the Mysore city arranged by tour agents, such packages include places that are mentioned above plus Daria Daulat, Gumbaz, Brindavan gardens, Jagan Mohan art gallery, etc., the bus fare would range from INR 650- 800 and are arranged on daily basis.
You may also visit Mysore fort, it is that legendary place where Tipu Sultan attacked the British with his famous sword. If you are still unsure about the tourist places in Mysore or near Mysore palace then you may well do a pre-research on the net regarding the destinations before setting out on the journey or you may also hire a local guide to enlighten you about the places and spots you go about.
Staying near Mysore palace:
You could also stay near Mysore palace, there are many hotels near the palace which suits individual style, preference and monetary considerations, there are luxury hotels, resorts to even budget hotels to choose from where you can avail of hotel rooms at INR 1,000 per night.Though, you can always check out various other hotels in mysore as there are hotels falling in many categories. Be it budgeted hotel, business hotels or luxurious hotels.
This beautiful ‘city of Sandalwood’ has a charm and aura of its own which manages to allure tourists worldwide, its religious places exhibits a deeper sense of tranquillity and peace, its architectural creation is at its marvellous best where the old world charm is discernible. Holidays spent here proves to be a fulfilling one, so the cultural capital of the state of Karnataka will leave you mesmerised with its magnificence, elegance and beauty.

Ultimate Luxury Places To Visit In Bahrain

Bahrain is a beautiful kingdom with 33 islands and is located of the famous Arabian Gulf. The country is a major tourist attraction especially because it is becoming a modern cosmopolitan nation. There are many local and international tourists who visit Bahrain because of the many luxurious places it has to offer. This is in addition to the amazingly attractive natural beauty of the area. Depending on the tourist choice of visit, there are multiple ultimate luxury destinations to experience. Here are some of these places and some information about them.

Luxury Things To Do When In Bahrain

Bahrain provide the best destination for people looking for ultimate luxury activities such as visiting water sites, swimming, water surfing and fishing. There are many other water activities to take part in to make a vacation better and more fun. For people who are interested in restaurants, there are many hotels, cafes and restaurants serving high quality foods from international cuisine. There are also many shopping malls and centers where tourists can buy high quality items as souvenirs or for their use when they are in Bahrain.

Great Luxurious Destinations


Seef, which is Bahrain’s capital is a luxurious city surrounded by the sea in three of its sides. The city is home to all the beautiful well stocked malls, great apartments and 5-star restaurants. The Seef mall is one of the most popular malls in Bahrain and houses a wide variety of entertainment centers such as food outlets, shops dealing with different commodities from different cultures and amazing cinemas. The city is lively and has many people from different parts of the world which make sit a multicultural city.


Sitra has a natural beautiful environment and makes it a great tourist attraction destination. It is found in the Northern part of Bahrain and has a number of bank branches for convenience purposes.

Islands In Bahrain

Bahrain is home to some of the best and coolest islands in the world. The features of the islands are beautiful and this makes it a luxurious tourist destination. There are large stretches of sand beaches for relaxation and recreation purposes. There is unlimited supply of fresh water on the islands and the beautifully decorated gardens spell nothing short of comfort and fun. The beaches are warm and make great sun bathing destinations and great destination for beach games and water sports.

Bahrain Mall

The Bahrain mall is the large mall in Bahrain and is conveniently located in the city center which makes shopping in it a great experience. The mall features shops with international brands to take care of tourist from all over the world as well as different bank branches for people who would want to get extra cash for the shopping. For people who would want to experience the ultimate luxury places in Bahrain, then it is important that they understand how Bahrain visas work and the steps they need to take to get the visas and have a chance to enjoy the good things and places Bahrain has to offer.

Take a Break And Feast Your Eyes on The Beautiful Lapland

 Thinking of taking a vacation? Need a break from the complicated fast paced buzz of work life? We have just the destination to unwind, relax and create unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Enjoy the luxury of cruises we have as we discover the therapeutic beauty in Scandinavia.

Taking a vacation should not always be worth a leg, neither should you be wishing you never took one. We know this and have gone to great lengths making sure the only thing you will have in mind when you join us is your relaxation and how much of a great time you are having. We have great holiday packages that will suit you and ensure you leave only to come again.

The reason one should always be on the lookout for a break, is to free the mind and body from all the stress of everyday life (job stress, life stress and many other tensions in general). This is important because if the mind and the body do not get rest and rejuvenation, it will break or crash at some time of time – just like a car, which needs period maintenance and checks in order for it to function properly. Holidays and vacations are the outlets which frees the mind and body in order for it to perform at optimum levels. Hence one should grasp each and every opportunity – if one is provided one.

Take magnificent Scandinavian cruises guaranteed to have your mind blown by the unique scenery and landmarks whose beauty can only be seen not described. Soak-in the friendly culture of the locals and crate lasting memories to cherish. Explore new places and see new wonders only we can guarantee you by joining us on one of our reasonably prised cruises.

Visit Lapland and set your eyes on some of the most natural, unscathed habitats to the rain-deer and many other animals unique to this region. Taking the cruise will be the best thing you have done for yourself, whatever reason you pick to take one. We recommend you contact us and setup a cruise of your life!
Summer in Lapland will have you coming back with its beautiful and innocent scenery. Go canoeing with your family and rekindle the teamwork spirit indulging in the plenty of activities created to maximise your enjoyment. Explore lakes and new cities as you relax in the luxurious comforts we have prepared for your leisure. 

Lapland holidays are memorable disregarding the season you picked to visit. In winter you can experience the Christmas magic that fills the air and partake in many activities such as dog-sledge rides across crisp snow covered terrains with your family and a friendly pack of helpful dogs. Join locals in age long celebration rituals and fill your hearts with passion. Book with us now and enjoy the holiday experience you and your loved ones deserve, and stay in the warm courteous culture of Lapland. Make Lapland your next holiday destination!

Travel in comfort and joy via trusted car rentals at Gerona Airport

Gerona is an extremely lovely Catalan city and a not be missed while travelling Europe. The best way to see Gerona is definitely travelling gin a car.

Spain being the ultimate Europe destination for the cultural diversity, food, sports, music and historical wonders sees as many visitorsas it can.  Spain indeed has lot to offer. The main cities like Barcelona and Madrid are mostly visited but there is more to Spain than football and Barcelona.  Gerona is a quiet, beautiful but a historic wonder. It lies merely 99km northeast from celebrated Barcelona. The city first belonged to the Romans and it was taken by the Franks and Moors before it came under the power of Barcelona but it has its own unique identity and features. This Catalan city offers visitors to look and ponder upon ancient and historic places, local culture, food and music and may more actually. As it is not as hyped as the main attraction Barcelona people often wonder what is there to do in Gerona. Today we will be answering that question.

Here we give you things to do in Gerona:

  • You can get to Girona by either bus, train or a car. Girona Airport is only an hour away from Barcelona. Hiring a car is the best option if you don’t have your own.
  • The ancient walls are supposed to be walked along. The view of the city from there is just splendid.
  •  It has the perfect old Jewish narrow streets section
  • The houses along the river are a very pretty sites
  • The gothic churches and old fortifications
  •  Jewish museums for historical knowledge
  •  Cathedrals dating back to as early as 11th century.
  •   Great night life
  •  Great local cuisine
  • 10.   Places to stay range from cheap hostels to luxurious hotels.

If you are making a day trip in Gerona then it is best to get Car rental Gerona airport services. You can
book beforehand ensuring its hassle free. You can go around the city whose architecture makes you feel like you are centuries back in past in a car and feel the magic of it. A rental car will give you time as per your priorities and save you time and money. Also if you have a family or either you love soliloquy rented car will provide comfort in both the circumstances. You can also directly fly to Gerona and travel Gerona taking the rental car from the airport and go to Barcelona which is only an hour away.

Walking around every musings in Gerona is time consuming as there are many. So, if you take a car then you can stop just wherever you please and also see more places in lesser the time. This city has so much to offer in food and taste that you will just not want to stay away. SO when you are there enjoy as much as you can the delicacies.  Gerona is divided into old town and new town both of which are extremely rich in historical architecture. It is a paradise for people with taste in art and history. Your journey starts right from Girona Airport.

Hello Everyone, My name is Sophia and I love cooking, traveling, dancing and Yes of course Writing. I love to write about travel tips and places to visit. I am in Spain and working at Gerona Airport.

Disney 101 – Expert Advice For The Happiest Holiday On Earth

 One of Aleesha Bishop’s life goals was to visit all of the Disneyland/Disneyworld parks in the world during her twenties - from Anaheim to Tokyo, Florida to Paris. Outstandingly, she achieved that very goal and, in doing so, learned how to make the most of a trip to a Disney Park.  Aleesha shared her insider advice with us on how to make your Disney experience just that little bit more magical!
In Aleesha’s own words, “Disney Parks are truly special places where you’ll find excitement, fun and magic. What you won’t find are any unexpected or nasty surprises if you equip yourself with my insider information and spend a little extra time preparing for your visit!”


Deciding when to go

 “Disney Parks are special all year round. I’ve visited different parks in different months from December to March to July. As you can imagine, the holiday seasons are busier and on occasion, almost unbearably so.
I visited Tokyo Disneyland during the Christmas break and the lines were impossibly long.Regular queue wait times were consistently 2 or 3 hours, sometimes more. It was a stretch to see the parades through the endless bodies and food lines were painful, more so because I was very hungry!
My advice, if you can help it, is to avoid the peak holiday seasons. I know this is not always possible and I myself have been to three different Disney Parks during the December rush because that is just how the cookie crumbles when you’re limited with taking leave from work. But, if you can avoid the peak weeks, you should!”

Goofy in the Disney Christmas parade

A very Mickey Christmas

“That said, Christmas time at Disney is one of my all-time favourite experiences in the whole world. The decorations, the songs, the parade… oh, the magic! I’m one of those people who gets all watery-eyed and happily sobs as the fireworks light up the night sky over Sleeping Beauty’s castle right before the snow falls in Main Street. I’m hopeless!
However, if you find yourself celebrating Christmas time at a Disney Park, you’re going to be cold. Whether it’s Anaheim, Florida, Tokyo, Hong Kong or Paris, you will be subject to varying degrees of cold temperatures and you’ll need to be prepared. Depending which park you’re in, you may need the works: jackets, beanies, scarves, gloves and more.
The big catch is you’ll likely be a much more comfortable temperature during the day, so you won’t need to actually wear your layers until nightfall. The answer? A backpack! It may not be the most chic or stylish fashion statement but a backpack will be your best friend. You can easily carry all of your layers in your pack and you’ll have your hands free to grip ride rails or take photos or eat turkey legs and ice cream cones!
A quick sidenote and word of caution: try to ensure your layered clothing items aren’t worn too loosely or you may feel your hat or scarf fly off on Space Mountain and you’ll never see it again!”

Hiegh-ho go the Seven Dwarves

Timing is everything

 “If you’re clever and organised, you’ll arrive about 30 minutes before the gates open and be among the first wave of people inside. Once you arrive at Disney park, there’s really only one word you absolutely need to know: Fastpass! Fastpass is a ticket-based queuing system for selected attractions and rides which will allow you to wait less and enjoy more.
Basically, you choose the ride you’d like to go on, take a Fastpass ticket from the machine (where applicable; not all rides have Fastpasses) and it will have a time slot printed on it, for example, 3:00pm-3:45pm. You can return within that time slot and skip the regular queue.
The Fastpass queue is generally much shorter and moves much faster. There are some guidelines around the use of Fastpasses, of course. As a rule, you can only hold one Fastpass ticket at a time and, depending on park occupancy and demand, Fastpasses may cease to be available.
You shouldn’t let these small things deter you from utilising the system, though. If you think ahead, you can plan out your entire day by co-ordinating Fastpasses to massively minimise time spent waiting in lines. One more VERY important thing: To collect your Fastpasses, you must first insert your Disney Park Entry Ticket into the machine so please don’t throw it away!”

Spot the hidden Mickey (this is an easy one!)

Dining Disney-style

 “A day spent at a Disney park can easily stretch out to 12 hours and beyond from start to end, which means you’ll need to eat while you’re there. If you’re a busy-bee and penny-pincher (like me), you may prefer to snack from the food stands as you move from ride to ride, munching away as you wait in lines, never really stopping.
 The aforementioned turkey legs are an old favourite, along with flavoured popcorn and oversized pretzels. It’s not the healthiest diet, but it’s only for a day! If you’d prefer to dine properly in a restaurant, there are an abundance of dramatically themed dining options all over the park, each offering different styles and cuisines. The best part? You can make a reservation before you arrive! You can reserve a table and skip the often nightmarish dining queues.”

Walt Disney and his favourite mouse

Ditch the stilettos

“Speaking of the 12-hour Disney marathon, I should remind you now to wear good shoes. You will be on your feet ALL day with the exception of time spent sitting on rides and wearing the right shoes can make or break your day. Choose a pair that are comfortable, already worn-in (no newbies from the previous days outlet centre shopping spree) and preferably waterproof.
Why waterproof? There’s a chance you will get wet, especially if you ride Splash Mountain! A change a socks is also a good idea, and you will thank me when your little piggies are dry and warm. Girls (and boys if you wish), you may like to carry a hair brush to tidy your post-Matterhorn windswept hair before snapping your new Instagram pic. It’s a good thing you’ll have a backpack to fit all these secret necessities inside!”

Disney Resort rail link in Hong Kong

Staying & playing

 “When visiting a Disney Park, your accommodation can either be a real gem or a real thorn in your side, and it’s important to consider the options and logistics before booking. If you’re not staying inside the Disney Resort area, you may end up in a less-than-prime location for commuting to and from the park, as the suburbs around Disney acreage are often vast and the parks are usually removed from the city centre.
A lot of the surrounding hotels will offer a shuttle bus service, sometimes free of charge, to and from the park so you should determine this early and be sure to learn the terms and conditions of travel, i.e. you may need to book a seat in advance.If there’s no shuttle service, check the distance to the park to help calculate the taxi fee for a return trip or ask your hotel concierge for help.
In some cities, Hong Kong and Paris for example, public transport is superior and a preferable option if you’re staying in the city. Hong Kong has a rail link named Disneyland Resort Line which runs from Sunny Bay Station to Disneyland resort and the train is completely Disney themed down to Mickey shaped windows and handrails. It is, in my opinion, the only way to travel to Hong Kong Disneyland!”

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