Tourism In The Middle East. 

-Although the Middle East is plagued by social and religious tensions, it is one of the most fantastic and fascinating place to visit. The Middle East boosts with some of the most breathtaking and wonders of the world.

-Though tension is high in the Middle East, it is very safe to travel to any part of Middle East without fear of attack especially Turkey, Israel, United Arabs Emirates and Jordan.

-Most of the cities in the Middle East are up to standard and the streets are very lively at night. Some of the greatest cities that a visitor can decide to visit while in the Middle East include;

Istanbul, Turkey.
-Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and is estimated to have a population of about 14.1 million people. The city hold’s the country’s history for more than sixteen centuries. Istanbul is endowed with beautiful mosques, churches and markets.

-The city was once an Empire in ancient times and hence many artifacts that are in Istanbul tell the evolution of the Turkish people. Istanbul attracts many visitors around the world because it is rich in history and major landmarks.

Petra, Jordan.

-Petra is an ancient city in Jordan and is hewn from rocks unlike anywhere else on earth. It is gifted with sculpted temples created by the desert tribe during ancient times.

-Petra is one of the most remarkable cities ever built on earth and is most spectacular during sunsets and at night. -The city was established around 320 BC and is a major symbol in Jordan. It is also the most visited place by tourists in Jordan.

Dubai, United Arabs Emirates.

-Dubai has often been referred to as the city of the future. Dubai is a city that boosts to have tall skyscrapers, beautiful shopping malls, excellent modes of transport, stable economy and exotic 5 star hotels.

-Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world and is one of the world’s major tourist destinations. The streets are beautiful during the day and lively at night. The hotels in this city are listed among the best in the world. The competition in Dubai never ends as new and bigger things emerge in Dubai annually.

Jerusalem, Israel.

-Visiting this great and magnificent city is like travelling 3,000 years back in time. It is considered to be the spirituous city of the world. It is a spiritual center to three monotheistic faiths of the world (Christianity, Islam and Judaism). -The city is endowed with beautiful architectures of the ancient city. Tourists flock the city annually to experience the spiritual aspect of the city.

-Jerusalem is also on of the most visited places in Israel.

Tel Aviv, Israel.
-Tel Aviv is one of the most surprising cities in the world. IT is viewed as a combination of Miami, New York and Rio. This is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the Middle East.

-The city is active 24hours a day and the nightlife is impressive. The population in the city mostly comprise of the youth who are fond of seafront partying.

-These are some of the magnificent cities that a traveler can visit on their stay in Middle East. Foreign tourists are advised to acquire an esta card to have full access of the cities.

“We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.”

If wanderlust is what resides deep inside you, don’t wait to find travel partners to go exploring new countries, cultures, religions or cuisines. Some of the most enriching travel experiences occur when you back your trolley bags and travel accessories and head out on your own to find your bliss.

5 Safe and Fun Destinations for Solo Travellers

When travelling alone, you can feel and absorb the place better. However, make sure you are always in a safe and comfortable ambience. Keep the important contact details, such as the phone number and address of your embassy detail and financial aid handy and only then step out with your trolley bags and travel accessories to explore these destinations.

1.Melbourne: If you have a penchant for street art and love the blend of contemporary with nineteenth and twentieth century architecture, beautiful beaches and a bustling city life, then Melbourne is the place to visit.

Here is why:
•Australia, as a whole, is regarded as one of the safest destinations for international travel.
•It is an English-speaking country, so the language barrier is ruled out.
•It is easy to get around, so make sure you carry lightweight trolley bags and travel accessories that will let you organize your things well and travel light.

 2.Thailand: With flavourful cuisine, a tropical climate, intriguing Buddhist culture, majestic mountains and serene beaches, Thailand is a favourite destination for all types of travellers. It has something in store for everyone, right from the party animals to nature lovers.
Here is why:
•It is known for its warm hospitality and affordable prices. The place is inexpensive enough for you to plan a quick getaway on a budget.
•Public transport is cheap and convenient.
•There is both city life and serene countryside to explore.

3.Bhutan: It is one of the world’s last remaining Buddhist kingdoms and has coined a philosophy of Gross National Happiness to measure the holistic wellbeing of its people. It is also home to the world’s highest unclimbed peak, Gangkhar Puensum. Being part of this tranquillity is a traveller’s dream.

 Here is why:
•You are escorted around the place by your own personal guide, since your entry is allowed only via pre-booked tour.
•You will witness a new cultural experience and, in some cases, even a transformation. You can breathe in the fresh mountain air in this country that is the first in the world to outlaw tobacco.

 4.Costa Rica: Move a step closer to nature with the breathtaking flora and fauna of Costa Rice. Bird watching, surfing, trekking, a visit to volcanoes and many more exciting adventures await you here.

 Here is why:
•You never feel lonely here because of the assortment of activities that are lined up here.
 •The place has never been a home to political unrest, class struggles or intense revolutions. It even doesn’t have or need an army because it’s such a peaceful country.

5.Malaysia: It ranks as the top solo travel destinations in Asia. With its tropical climate, culture and cuisine, along with the colonial style architecture, islands, beaches and mountains, it is a magnet for travellers from all over the world.
Here is why:
 •It has a well-deserved reputation for being a safe, stable and conservative Muslim country.
•The country has two different facets, one with the wild jungles of Borneo and the other with the space-age high-rises of Kuala Lumpur. General Tips for Travelling Alone
•Plan ahead and carry all your important identity proof and documents in the electronic form as well as the hardcopies.
•Learn about the culture and laws of the place you are planning to visit.
•Pack light, using easily portable trolley bags and pick the right travel accessories to organize your trip well. •Tell at least one person where you are going and trust your instincts when you feel any discomfort.


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